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Saturday, May 30, 2020
Hours: 10PM Ė 4AM

They said we could open, so we welcome you back.
Itíll be oh so fun and youíll look hot in black!
Another wild time, itís time to rock
Forget the hour, forget the clock!
Hip Hop, International, Country and more
Music made to blow off the door!

Wear your deepest blacks to show off and impress
Don a sleek suit or a slinky, sultry dress!
Cover yourself in black and show your sexy fashion
We know it's the color that unleashes the most passion!!

Wear your Sexiest Black tonight to create a Seductive Sensation throughout the club all night long.
This is a night to enjoy life and go completely wild!
Come early and stay late- itís a time to rock your world with great music, dancing, dining, friends, lovers and playmates!

Registrations are Very Strongly Recommended.

Exciting, Sensual and Erotic Atmosphere. Great Music and Dancing. All Mixers and Setups.
Complimentary Snacks. Attentive Staff to Serve You. AND SO MUCH MORE!

ALL included in the party price!

The Red Door. Like NO other club! Like NO other experience!

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